Meet Our Team

Dr. Propeil

Dr. Propeil founded Beechwood Veterinary Hospital after receiving his DVM from Harvard. Through the years the Veterinary Hospital has become increasingly important in the community as Dr. Propeil has put much of the hospitals profits back into the facility so it could also become a rescue shelter.

"It has always been important to me to do all I can to help all animals."

Dr. Coral

Dr. Coral came to the practice just last year after earning her DVM in Turkey. She has quickly become a cornerstone to the hospital as a caring and compassionate expert on animal care.

"Ever since we had pet chicks, and cats as a child I wanted to be a vet. I even fed the stray dogs on the streets of Turkey for years!"

Dr. Brown

Dr. Brown became interested in helping animals through his time and training in the military. After serving he finished his education to become a Veterinarian.

"When I was overseas I really saw how mistreated and suffering the animals were over there. It opened my eyes to how they sometimes don't have it very good here in the U.S. as well. I knew I found my calling."

Dr. Engle

Dr. Engle is the silent backbone to our Hospital. She is the one behind the scenes who does all the lab work, and testing. You might not ever see her but she knows and cares for your pet from the lab.

"I am about helping the animals, not the recognition. I look at every possible scientific scenario to ensure good health."

Dr. Fitzgerald

Dr. Fitzgerald started with the hospital as a seasonal worker in the rescue kennel, and loved it so much she worked to become a vet tech then finally went to school for her DMV while still working here part time.

"What started as a summer job to buy a car turned into a passion for helping animals and a rewarding career!"

Dr. Lictig

Dr. Lictig's main focus is the full time care of all the rescue animals in our kennels. She goes above and beyond, even checking on them once adopted.

"These animals come in sometimes in a real bad way, both physically and mentally. I help fix them. I have never had a more rewarding job!"